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Calender or Calendar: Which Spelling Is Correct?


Is the correct spelling calender or calendar?

The word calendar is derived from the Latin word kalendae, which means organizing days. The spelling ‘calendar‘ is correct in the English language. While the spelling ‘calender‘ is considered incorrect or a misspelling of the word “Calendar”. In this post, we’ll explore the difference between calender vs. calendar and how to use them properly when talking about schedules.

What does “Calendar” Mean?

The word “calendar’ is a noun that means a schedule of events or a system of organizing days. It also helps us to keep track of time (holidays, birthdays, or anniversaries) so that we know when to celebrate them. Some calendars also use color-coding to help you keep track of important dates in your life.

How do you Spell Calendar?

The word calendar is the correct spelling. Calender is not a word and should never be used to represent the word calendar. So, whenever you talk about days, months, years, and events then the appropriate word is calendar not calender.

How to remember when to use calender or calendar

When you’re talking about how to use a calendar or calendar, it’s important to know that they are two very different things. A calendar is used when talking about schedules, calendars, and dates. The word “calendar” comes from Latin it refers to paper that has been written on with ink in order to keep track of events in your life or something else that has been set out as a schedule for some reason (like having meetings). Here is a simple trick that will help you to remember the difference:

  • The word “calendar” contains only one “e” which is a sandwich between two two “a”.
  • The calendar contains the letter “a” before ending “r”.

Examples of Calendar in a sentence

  • I will be using the calendar to plan my meetings.
  • You need to use the calendar for your meeting with John.
  • John’s calendar was full for the week.
  • A calendar reminder popped up.
  • Choose a date to quit and mark it on your calendar.


In conclusion, It’s a calendar, not calender. Now that you know the difference between calendar and calendar, it’s time to start using this word in your everyday conversations.